“If Ever…” New video

A lot of people seemed to like this simple song dedicated to my first daughter, Niamh, when we recorded it a while ago, so, ahead of its upcoming release on Spotify and iTunes, we made a video. It’s mostly just the moon and clouds, but the images seemed appropriate for a song about love, the passing of time , mortality, memory – all the great themes that pass through your head when you lie with your child asleep on your chest and you can just feel her growing.

Put on your headphones, click on the full screen icon at the bottom right and, if you’re on your phone, turn it sideways. It might take a few moments to buffer and start playing, depending on your connection speed.  Let us know if you enjoy it in the comments.


Welcome our newest band member

Strength in diversity has always been a defining characteristic of the Mysterious Beings. With band members from Scotland, France, the USA, Afghanistan, Peru and even England, we are able to draw on musical influences from around the globe. But why stop at this globe? Please welcome our newest band member, Zog, a truly mysterious being from the planet Proxima B.

When we recently ran a competition to find the most Mysterious Being, the aim was simply to identify a really cool dude to add some much-needed glamor to the band’s line-up. A cross between David Bowie and the “Most Interesting Man in the World” from the Dos Equis ad. If you didn’t know about the competition, its because we only announced it in publications aimed at interesting people.

We received a lot of entries from folks like that. We even got one from Morrissey, who seems to consider himself interesting. But none came close to Zog. Although hailing from a planet orbiting our own sun’s closest neighbor, Proxima Centauri, Zog has been a resident of our world for a number of centuries, working as a gargoyle on Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. After nine hundred years of posing immobile above the city, Zog decided it was time for a change, and when a copy of “Interesting People” magazine blew out of the hands of a passing MI5 double agent and became stuck to one of her horns, she decided to enter the contest.

WIth the addition of Zog to our line-up, we will be the only terrestrial band to feature the Centaurian bassoon, reputed to produce the sweetest sound in the galaxy. This instrument, played through a Proximan’s belly button, is audible only to very cool people. We feel sure that you will enjoy hearing it on our future recordings.

The Christmas Single is Here (Almost)

The eagerly anticipated second single from the Mysterious Beings is almost here. On November 24th (Black Friday), All I Want For Christmas Is Your Fat Ass To Be Gone will be available wherever great music is streamed or downloaded – iTunes, Spotify and all those other places. Until then, you can hear it here. Just click on the player below. After then, of course, you’re going to want to listen on Spotify and help make it a Christmas hit. We’ll post the link when it goes live.


The Mysterious Beings Release Their First Single

Exciting news for lovers of great music. Our first single, How Can I Leave Her Behind? (When She Won’t Leave Mine) will be released on October 6th on the Terrier label. Terrier is one of the world’s foremost country music labels and has been since I made up the name yesterday.

The song will be available for streaming or purchase through all major music outlets, so on October 6th, you will probably want to gather with friends around your Spotify machines, iTune makers or Pandora’s boxes and live this moment in music history together without having to actually talk to each other because you’ll all have earbuds in or headphones on.

Check out the New Album from Evans & Stokes

It is easy to overlook the influence of metal on the music of the Mysterious Beings, although it should be pointed out that both the microphone used for recording our songs and the computer to which it’s connected contain lots of the stuff. Now two of the folks who have collaborated with us in the past, honorary Mysterious Beings John Evans and Jenny Stokes have released a metal album, “Beyond the Gates.” It’s jam packed with John’s wicked guitar licks, alternately brooding and uplifting, exquisitely paired with Jenny’s lyrics and haunting vocals. Check it out here:

Or go right to their website for previews and information on how to buy the album.

In case you were wondering, John contributed the guitar solo on our song My Friend, while Jenny is the singer on If Only You Knew.

I Don’t Drive No Pick-Up

A while ago I thought it would be funny to write a country song in the voice of someone who holds the least stereotypically country views I could think of. I recently revised it, moving it to a lower, more comfortable key and updating some of the lyrics.

I Don't Drive No Pick-Up


With the depth of the divisions in this country, we need as many opportunities as possible to come together, and it would be nice to think that we could heed the plea of this song and do so over a shared appreciation for music.  People who hold opposing views to mine have lamentably few opportunities to learn from me just how wrong they are.

New Version of “Wild and Windy Shore.”

In 2016 the band recorded the romantic ballad, “Wild and Windy Shore.” We were never really happy with the recording, so the other day, we sat down and did it again. The result is a totally new take on the song and a new video. We had to do the new video because we slowed things down a little on this version, and there was an embarrassing 20 seconds of black screen at the end. Of course, this isn’t the only embarrassing thing about the performance, but it was the easiest to do anything about. Besides, we were able to include some really spectacular pictures of the Scottish landscape.

Come to think of it, the tourist boards of Scotland and North Carolina should be sponsoring us, as the landscape shots are bound to instill a desire to visit these places in the hearts of both the people who ever actually see this video.

New Song – How Can I leave Her Behind?

The Mysterious Beings go country again, with a song of love and loss, of despair and redemption and ultimately triumph…. well maybe not, but one thing’s for sure – this guy is sitting on a whole heap of trouble.

This cautionary tale, based on an improbable yarn that actually happened to our beloved fiddler, Beau Strokes. At least he assures us it’s true. And to be honest, I wouldn’t put it past the silly old goat.  We recorded this one night after a few beers at one of our very favorite haunts, “The Office” in Conover, North Carolina.