Check out the New Album from Evans & Stokes

It is easy to overlook the influence of metal on the music of the Mysterious Beings, although it should be pointed out that both the microphone used for recording our songs and the computer to which it’s connected contain lots of the stuff. Now two of the folks who have collaborated with us in the past, honorary Mysterious Beings John Evans and Jenny Stokes have released a metal album, “Beyond the Gates.” It’s jam packed with John’s wicked guitar licks, alternately brooding and uplifting, exquisitely paired with Jenny’s lyrics and haunting vocals. Check it out here:

Or go right to their website for previews and information on how to buy the album.

In case you were wondering, John contributed the guitar solo on our song My Friend, while Jenny is the singer on If Only You Knew.

I Don’t Drive No Pick-Up

A while ago I thought it would be funny to write a country song in the voice of someone who holds the least stereotypically country views I could think of. I recently revised it, moving it to a lower, more comfortable key and updating some of the lyrics.

I Don't Drive No Pick-Up


With the depth of the divisions in this country, we need as many opportunities as possible to come together, and it would be nice to think that we could heed the plea of this song and do so over a shared appreciation for music.  People who hold opposing views to mine have lamentably few opportunities to learn from me just how wrong they are.

New Version of “Wild and Windy Shore.”

In 2016 the band recorded the romantic ballad, “Wild and Windy Shore.” We were never really happy with the recording, so the other day, we sat down and did it again. The result is a totally new take on the song and a new video. We had to do the new video because we slowed things down a little on this version, and there was an embarrassing 20 seconds of black screen at the end. Of course, this isn’t the only embarrassing thing about the performance, but it was the easiest to do anything about. Besides, we were able to include some really spectacular pictures of the Scottish landscape.

Come to think of it, the tourist boards of Scotland and North Carolina should be sponsoring us, as the landscape shots are bound to instill a desire to visit these places in the hearts of both the people who ever actually see this video.

New Song – How Can I leave Her Behind?

The Mysterious Beings go country again, with a song of love and loss, of despair and redemption and ultimately triumph…. well maybe not, but one thing’s for sure – this guy is sitting on a whole heap of trouble.

This cautionary tale, based on an improbable yarn that actually happened to our beloved fiddler, Beau Strokes. At least he assures us it’s true. And to be honest, I wouldn’t put it past the silly old goat.  We recorded this one night after a few beers at one of our very favorite haunts, “The Office” in Conover, North Carolina.

New Website – Just Like the Old Website

Welcome to the new website of the Mysterious Beings. It’s not much different from the old website, but the url is easier to remember –, instead of

That old site will remain up for a while, but you are better off using the new one for all your Mysterious Beings related needs. It has the added feature of being able to play songs directly in the website, instead of relying on the bug-ridden and not always reliable SoundCloud. There is still a link to play the song at SoundCloud at the bottom of each song’s page, if that’s what floats your boat. Like the old site, the new one also provides the handy feature of not having to listen to anything at all. This intuitive feature is easy to use, consisting of not clicking on anything that looks like it might be a song.

On the Trail of Lloyd the Llama


If there is one word that sums up the essence of The Mysterious Beings, it is synergy. When they come together, these talented musicians’ individual brilliance coalesces into something greater than the sum of its parts. Imagine Kit Bashir’s plaintive Afghan nose harp if it wasn’t completely drowned out by the others in the band. It would be very hard to listen to.


Dee Sharpe in 2012

Many critics, however, credit guitarist Dee Sharpe with single-handedly propelling the band to where it is today. The operative word here is “single-handedly.” All keen musical historians will recall that Dee lost his left hand to an infected llama bite prior to a concert on the shores of Lake Titicaca in 2013, but it takes an extra special level of dedication to travel to Peru and actually track down the llama that inflicted musical history’s most influential bite by a member of the camelidae family – but that’s exactly what enterprising young superfan Nigel Sidebotham has done.

Nigel Sidebotham

Thirteen year-old Nigel discovered Lloyd the llama in a field just outside Puno in September of this year. He was able to identify Lloyd by the detailed description furnished by the band and by matching Lloyd’s teeth with the marks on Dee’s hand, preserved in formaldehyde for future display in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, while conducting the dental comparison, Nigel himself suffered a serious injury to his own left hand and, sadly, it had to be amputated about a week later. Undeterred, Nigel plans to open a visitor’s center, museum and gift shop in Lloyd’s field. He has also started to learn the guitar.

Nigel is our junior fan of the month.

Meet the Roadies 1 – Mike Cable

One of the many unique things about the Mysterious Beings is that we are unable to play large venues due to drummer Kit Bashir’s acute agoraphobia. Stadiums, which could hold our legions of fans,  are out of the question. This can lead to dangerous situations as large crowds try to pack into small spaces. In fact, the only way we are able safely to play live at all is to do so unannounced in front of whoever happens to be there. This can pose some pretty tricky logistical problems. Just ask our roadie, Mike Cable.


“If anyone were to spot me entering a building carrying an amp or the band’s instruments and figure out what’s going on, there’s a strong probability of pandemonium breaking out. That’s why I always work disguised as a fat bald guy in a torn Led Zeppelin tee-shirt.”

So, if you happen to see a dapper hipster in a  purple bow-tie, stepping out of a 1999 Ford Transit van, you can be sure there’s no concert planned. Mike is off duty.

Mike owes his dream job to being one of very few people to hold a PhD in  Being a Roadie, with a specialization in placing a cable on the stage, disappearing for ten minutes and then re-appearing twenty-five minutes after the show was supposed to start to move it eight inches before leaving the stage again.

When he’s not working, Mike’s hobbies include bow-ties, being handsome and raising his glasses ironically.

New Song – Up Until You Came Around

Great news for our fan! A brand new song from the Mysterious Beings is now available for your listening pleasure.

Up Until You Came Around


Initially, I hesitated to make it available, being alive to the very real danger of it being so good that I would not be able to cope with its inevitable success and the changes this would bring to my life. After listening to it again, sober this time, I felt confident that it was safe to do so.