In the Studio

I am often asked* how we achieve that unique Mysterious Beings sound. What kind of expensive studio equipment do we use to massage the raw musical energy of the band into the smooth, silky, sophisticated vocal and instrumental stylings that are so instantly recognizable to our fan?

Well, the answer is our studio manager, Big Mike.


Mike recently joined us from Best Buy and took over from Wee Mike, who quit for health reasons. Big Mike is a “Blue Yeti,” as can be seen from the fact that he is silver and not a yeti, but just a microphone, though admittedly a big-assed one. The most prized quality in any microphone I use is the ease with which it can be persuaded to make my voice sound as unlike my voice as possible. By this measure, Big Mike still has room to improve, but, as we become friends, there is a good chance that our partnership could result in more songs. Sorry about that.

* By the voices in my head.


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