Meet the Roadies 1 – Mike Cable

One of the many unique things about the Mysterious Beings is that we are unable to play large venues due to drummer Kit Bashir’s acute agoraphobia. Stadiums, which could hold our legions of fans,  are out of the question. This can lead to dangerous situations as large crowds try to pack into small spaces. In fact, the only way we are able safely to play live at all is to do so unannounced in front of whoever happens to be there. This can pose some pretty tricky logistical problems. Just ask our roadie, Mike Cable.


“If anyone were to spot me entering a building carrying an amp or the band’s instruments and figure out what’s going on, there’s a strong probability of pandemonium breaking out. That’s why I always work disguised as a fat bald guy in a torn Led Zeppelin tee-shirt.”

So, if you happen to see a dapper hipster in a  purple bow-tie, stepping out of a 1999 Ford Transit van, you can be sure there’s no concert planned. Mike is off duty.

Mike owes his dream job to being one of very few people to hold a PhD in  Being a Roadie, with a specialization in placing a cable on the stage, disappearing for ten minutes and then re-appearing twenty-five minutes after the show was supposed to start to move it eight inches before leaving the stage again.

When he’s not working, Mike’s hobbies include bow-ties, being handsome and raising his glasses ironically.

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