Modern Lovers – The New Album From Gavin & The Mysterious Beings

Musically, Gavin Sinclair has one foot in his native Scotland and the other in his adopted home of North Carolina. Folk, Celtic and bluegrass influences build on a rock and pop foundation coupled with inventive lyrics, often but not always with a strong humorous element. Having played in a number of bands in his younger days, the highlight of which was playing on the same bill as The Jam, Gavin took to recording his original songs in 2015, making use of new technologies to turn inspirations into creation with the help of a very unusual band, The Mysterious Beings.

Fun fact #1: A comic novel written by Gavin under a pseudonym reached number 5 on The Amazon fiction best seller list.

Fun fact #2: Fans of the movie The Patriot might recognize those hands on the guitar. They can be seen in the movie wielding a razor to shave British general Lord Cornwallis.

Modern Lovers

Mixing tenderness with comedy and catchy tunes, Gavin & The Mysterious Beings would rather be bouncy than brooding, catchy than cool. They just want you to have a good time or occasionally break your heart a wee bit. Their second album, recorded in Nashville and North Carolina tackles the subject of love, something on which they are uniquely unqualified to offer any advice.

You’ll find toe-tapping tunes and lyrics full of wry humor and the occasional insight into the human condition. If Tom Lehrer and Tim Minchin bumped into Bruce Springsteen’s banjo player in a pub in Scotland it would be somewhat unusual and not unlike parts of this album.

To get a flavor, start with the title song then check out Fool To Love Her.

The Songs

Modern Lovers introduces us to a few characters trying to navigate the minefields of the contemporary dating scene. Fast paced and catchy.
In You Could Be A Serial Killer, Gavin seems to have fallen a little too deeply in love!
I’m Here is a tender reminder of the power of love in dark times.
In Fool To Love Her, Gavin has a bit of a problem with a voice in his head pointing out that he is…. well, a fool to love her.
I Had My Heart Set On You is a simple lament for a love that’s not going to work.
Island Girl 63 takes a humorous look at online dating.
What Dream Could Be So Sweet as that moment when you lie in bed with the one you love more than anything else in the world and feel that everything is perfect and know, or should know, that nothing will ever be as perfect again? Every second counts. Why waste that time sleeping? Too soon it will pass from moment to memory.
Come Tell Me You Love Me, come tell me your lies….a plaintive lament with a soaring melody.
Good Luck Eddie follows the exploits of a couple of guys out on the town in search of romance and not finding it, or at least not finding what they really need, if only they knew it.

Files can also be downloaded from DropBox in .mp3 and .wav format at this link.

You can also stream the album from your preferred streaming service below.

The Mysterious Beings

The Mysterious Beings have the unusual distinction among bands of being entirely fictitious. Astounded and a bit embarrassed by the way he was able to do so much himself with the help of technology and some great session musicians who wisely were more than happy to work for hire rather than having their names associated with this kind of thing, Gavin invented a band to credit with backing him. Figuring if you were going to imagine a band, you might as well go all out and imagine a whole back-story, complete with bios, Gavin created The Mysterious Beings.

Guitar: Dee Sharpe (Scotland)
Drums: Kit Bashir (Afghanistan)
Keyboards: Gene Poole-Skimmings (England)
Saxophone: Aldo Sachs (France)
Bass: Juan Tusrifor (Peru)
Fiddle: Beau Strokes (USA)

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