If you have arrived at this page, the chances are that you didn’t figure out that you could click on the pictures at the bottom of the home page to listen to the songs. Or maybe you just found the home page a little too fancy for your simple tastes, so here they are on a nice plain white background.

Clicking on an image will take you to a magical place where you can read a little more about the song and, of course, listen to it. There might be a video too. Or scroll down to the bottom of the page to play a selection of our songs on Spotify. Not all songs are on Spotify.

The music of The Mysterious Beings is quite possibly one of the things I have heard this year.

Sir Paul McCartney (attrib.)

I Give Up
Something's Eating Geoffrey
I Want To Be A Member Of The Liberal Elite
The Goat, The Gnu & The Tumbleweed
I Never Took Your Number Off My Phone
Good Luck Eddie
If Only You Knew
Mr. Sensible
Jeez Louise
Pretty Smart Sister
Aoife's Song
How Can I Leave Her Behind
I Don't Drive No Pick-Up
Door Wide Open
My Friend
If Ever
All I Want For Christmas
How To Say I Love You
Carolina Nights
Can't Love No One But Her
Up Until You Came Around
Most Beautiful of All
Modern Family - Country Style
Wild and Windy Shore
Good Luck Eddie Live

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