Well, I finally made it to Nashville to record a couple of songs at the famous Beaird Music studio. I gave the boys in the band a bit of a break and worked with some great session musicians. Their credits include folks like Alan Jackson, Luke Combs, Hank Williams Jr., Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Melissa Etheridge, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Willie Nelson and Alicia Keys. It must have been quite a thrill for them to work with me. Other megastars to stand where I’m standing in the photo include a chap called Garth a couple of weeks earlier and a gal called Dolly. Rob, the sound engineer has now worked with all the Big Three. Actually, the man displayed the patience of a saint, as did everyone involved!

We did two songs. Needless to say, the band sounds great. The vocals….

Executive Producer, Mairi Sinclair captured the momentous event on video on her phone. Here’s the first song with the most rudimentary of editing as our social media intern Cher Maposte was unavailable owing to being stoned out of her mind and wandering around asking everyone, “Where’s Garth? They said Garth was going to be here.”

4 thoughts on “Nashville!

  1. Congratulations Gavin. That is SO cool. What a great experience. I remember your saying you were going to record in Nashville. Glad it finally panned out.

    When do we get to hear the fruits of your labour?


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