New Song – The Goat, The Gnu & The Tumbleweed

The lives of megastar musicians on the road can be tough, but we keep on going. The boys and I sat down one night in Lubbock Texas and got to wondering why. Maybe the answer is in this song we wrote that night, inspired by the tumbleweed that had blown in through the open door of our $20 a night motel. And maybe it’s not. Later, in the local saloon, we closed the show with it, performing it as our eighth encore before, like the goat, the gnu and the tumbleweed, moving on. Our Swedish chef and sound engineer, Max Mumsetting captured the performance on his phone and uploaded it here.

A tip of the hat to Messrs Flanders and Swann in the second verse.


Grab your headphones and click on the wee arrow above to listen.

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