New Version of “Wild and Windy Shore.”

In 2016 the band recorded the romantic ballad, “Wild and Windy Shore.” We were never really happy with the recording, so the other day, we sat down and did it again. The result is a totally new take on the song and a new video. We had to do the new video because we slowed things down a little on this version, and there was an embarrassing 20 seconds of black screen at the end. Of course, this isn’t the only embarrassing thing about the performance, but it was the easiest to do anything about. Besides, we were able to include some really spectacular pictures of the Scottish landscape.

Come to think of it, the tourist boards of Scotland and North Carolina should be sponsoring us, as the landscape shots are bound to instill a desire to visit these places in the hearts of both the people who ever actually see this video.

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