All I Want for Christmas is Your Fat Ass to be Gone


I like Christmas, but I hate all the generic, sugary-sweet music that is recycled every year. So I set out to write the antidote to all that sweetness. I just didn’t have it in me to sustain the misanthropy all the way through though, and the song ended up less cynical than it started out. Curse that Christmas spirit!

“Amidst the bland crumpled tonal tinsel that assaults our eardrums in December, this spiritually uplifting work from the Mysterious Beings arrives like a blast of fresh, subtly pine-scented air. Against the backdrop of Christmas, the whole human condition is laid bare in all it’s heartbreak and glory. This is a song of love gone wrong, of the struggle for freedom, the assertion of identity and ultimately of triumph, as bitter-sweet as it is unexpected. Five Christmas stars!” – Mrs Jean Poole-Skimmings (no relation to our keyboard player, Gene Poole-Skimmings, and certainly not his mother)

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