Aoife’s Song

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A Song for my daughter, Aoife. (It’s a Gaelic name, pronounced “Eefa”)

It usually takes me months, years or in some cases decades to complete a song, but this one was completed in a single day, I was on a tight schedule because my daughter was in urgent need of cheering up and anything I could think of to say to her sure as heck wasn’t doing the job. A big thanks to the boys in the band for coming in at such short notice to record it. And yes, that is an autoharp you hear, which is a first for us.

This song is just what it is. I tried polishing it by re-doing the vocals and using all those computer tricks to smooth out the crap singing. It worked, but it just seemed to suck all the feeling out of it. So this is the first take with all its imperfections and with the heart outperforming the vocal cords by a mile.

You can also listen at SoundCloud.

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