Carolina Nights

Carolina Nights


Sometimes when I step outside at night, I’m amazed by the beauty of the sights and sounds that surround me. This is how I feel at moments like this.

As far as vocal performance is concerned, the tree frogs at the beginning do a better job than I do. It needs someone who can actually sing. In fact it needs two people. The choruses and second verse should be sung by a male and a female voice.

It does actually sound a little better if you listen really loud through headphones. Sheer volume sometimes goes some way to masking vocal ineptitude.

Beau Strokes swaps his fiddle for a banjo in this song. He seems to be able to play anything related to country or blue grass.

You can also listen at SoundCloud. If you are using the SoundCloud app on your phone, choose the ‘Listen in Browser” option, not “Play on SoundCloud” to make sure you hear the latest version.  Sound Cloud refuses to fix a bug in the app which can sometimes play old versions of a song.

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