Climate Change Denier

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A few weeks ago, our pianist Gene Poole-Skimmings suffered an unfortunate accident when the keyboard cover fell on his fingers, causing them to swell up. It is taking a long time for the swelling to go down and we have been unable to continue our world tour. The consequent loss in earnings has compelled me to look for employment. Luckily, with the labor market being so tight at the moment, many employers have relaxed their requirements and I was able to land a job with the climate change denial department of the Americans for Prosperity think tank. Actually, having had a few days to get to know my fellow “scientists” crawling around inside the think tank, I’m not convinced that accepting me on the basis that I scraped a pass in O Level physics constitutes much of a relaxation of the requirements for employment there. I might be over-qualified. Anyway, manipulating data for nefarious purposes is not hard, a lot less demanding than actual science, and I have a lot of time left over for writing songs. Like this one.

Hey, there’s a video….

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