Good Luck Eddie Live

One from the vaults. Gavin and the Mysterious Beings live at “The Office,” Conover, North Carolina, April 2015. A very early version of this modern rock classic, this was recorded not long after our lead guitarist, Dee Sharpe, had lost his left hand to an infected llama bite during our ill-fated Andean tour and was in the process of perfecting his unique one handed style.


“The Office” is an intimate venue located in Conover’s hippest residential district, known to locals as Our House. (To get to it take a sharp left after “The Living Room.”) On this magical evening, a mainly canine crowd was treated to a vintage performance which some have compared* to the great Glenn Ponder and Debonair at their brilliant best, bursting with the raw energy that is instantly recognizable as coming from a bad singer and a cheap mike.

Special thanks to our fantastic roadies, Mike Cable and Ford Van Drijver

* – Or should have compared.

You can also listen at SoundCloud. If you are using the SoundCloud app on your phone, choose the ‘Listen in Browser” option, not “Play on SoundCloud” to make sure you hear the latest version.  Sound Cloud refuses to fix a bug in the app which can sometimes play old versions of a song.

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