Hey Chuck, Can I Borrow Your Truck?

Click on the arrow to play. Allow a few moments for the music to start.

My good friend and the band’s fiddle player, Beau Strokes, turned up at my door the other day, asking to borrow my hedge trimmer. I had to say no, not because Beau is always borrowing things and seldom returns them, but because I happen to know he doesn’t have a hedge. What he does have is an ongoing dispute with his neighbor, Larry. Mountain folk have their own way of resolving disputes and, while I respect that, I had no wish for my hedge trimmer to be used as a weapon. Ironically, the feud began over that habit of Beau’s of borrowing things and generally being a scrounger. After he left, muttering something about how Bubba down the road has a big ass chainsaw, I sat down and wrote this song about how this whole thing started.

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