How Can I Leave Her Behind When She Won’t Leave Mine?

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The Mysterious Beings go country again, with this cautionary tale, based on an improbable yarn that actually happened to our beloved fiddler, Beau Strokes. At least he assures us it’s true. And to be honest, I wouldn’t put it past the silly old goat.  We recorded this one night after a few beers at one of our very favorite haunts, “The Office” in Conover, North Carolina. It later became our very first single.

This song originally had an extra verse and chorus before we cut it for length. The original version is below. It’s also what you’ll hear if you listen at Spotify or another streaming service, thus making us rich beyond our wildest dreams. Our dreams are not very wild.

ORIGINAL VERSION WITH EXTRA VERSE: Click to listen. Allow a few moments to load.

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