I Give Up

I Give Up
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This is the last song in my trilogy about idiots – conspiracy theorists, climate change deniers and other bozos. The others are Climate Change Denier and It Ain’t A Conspiracy Theory If It’s True.

It’s amazing how many buffoons there are out there who don’t always agree with me about everything. One of them is our very own keyboard ace, Gene Poole-Skimmings, who felt that this song was a personal attack on him and refused to play on it, which is why there’s no piano. Our fiddler, Beau Strokes also believes every conspiracy theory that comes his way and resolutely opposes social advancement in any form. He doesn’t believe in universal health care coverage because it isn’t mentioned in the Bible. Besides the fiddle, Beau is a great banjo player, but when I asked him to play, he initially refused. However, once I assured him it was in fact a personal attack on Gene, he was happy to oblige. He may be a good pianist, but nobody actually likes Gene Poole-Skimmings, not even his mother.

We premiered this song during a live concert in Central Park to coincide with the recent Climate Summit at the UN in New York. It was the last song to be performed that day before the event was canceled due to excessive heat right after Sting fainted backstage. Our Swedish sound engineers Max and Minnie Mumsetting were on hand to make this recording of the performance.

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