Jeez Louise

The Mysterious Beings Go Country

Baffled and frustrated in equal measure by our lack of commercial success and in urgent need of cash to repair at least one of the brakes on the van, the band recently held a meeting and decided that country is where the big bucks are to be found and that we needed to come up with a country song pronto.

So we did.

Jeez Louise


The production of this award-worthy song caused a certain amount of unrest among the members of the band, as our pianist Gene Poole-Skimmings alleged copyright infringement, claiming that the incidents described in the song were based on things that had actually happened to him. It’s true that Gene has a way of making himself deeply unpopular in just about any bar he enters, and his presence frequently leads to fisticuffs or worse, but his claims are probably just sour grapes because we didn’t need a piano for the song.

As chance would have it, things came to a head after a few drinks in a bar not unlike the one described here and Dee and Juan felt compelled to dispute Gene’s copyright claim by punching him repeatedly in the face. Gene countered their argument by picking up Aldo, our pocket saxophonist and throwing him at Dee. The police were called to break up the resultant brawl. Fortunately, I was able to record the whole thing on my iPhone, which is going to save us a bundle on making the video for this song.

You can also listen at SoundCloud. If you are using the SoundCloud app on your phone, choose the ‘Listen in Browser” option, not “Play on SoundCloud” to make sure you hear the latest version.  Sound Cloud refuses to fix a bug in the app which can sometimes play old versions of a song.

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