Most Beautiful of All

Click on the arrow to play. Allow a moment for the music to start.

The song that started this whole thing. Originally recorded before the Mysterious Beings had gelled to become the potent musical force they are today. The other day, Dee, Juan, Kit and I sat down on the porch, had a couple of beers and recorded it again, just for the heck of it. We stuck Gene and his piano under the porch. We told him it was to achieve the special tonal quality offered by the acoustics down there, but really it was because we didn’t want him drinking all the beers.

That’s not our porch in the picture by the way. By the time we had finished recording, it was a mess of beer bottles and Kit’s special  Afghan cigarettes, so I got one off the web that looks kind of like it., at least as far as the surroundings are concerned.

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