Mr. Sensible


Our Afghan drummer, Kit Bashir, is known to all his friends as a very shy man. Not that he has many friends. It’s difficult to meet people when you spend most of your time in a six foot by four foot secret compartment under a Ford Transit van. That’s where we found him when we unknowingly bought the van from Romanian human traffickers, and that’s where he likes to spend his off-duty hours. This same habit has understandably also restricted his opportunities for romantic involvements.

Returning to the UK from a recent sell-out tour of Liechtenstein, our van was subjected to a particularly thorough search by Her Majesty’s Customs. The sniffer dog that discovered Kit was handled by a strikingly attractive but rather austere lady named Officer Prescott, whose suspicions were understandably aroused. Just as aroused was Kit. This, it turned out, was the first conversation he had ever had with a woman, and it was love at first sight. Soon everything was sorted out and we were headed north on the A2. When we stopped at traffic lights we could hear Kit sighing loudly and reciting the name “Officer Prescott.” He hasn’t stopped since. Nor has he stopped badgering us about going on another European tour on the off chance of being stopped once again by his lady love.

This song is dedicated to Kit and everyone whose life is turned upside down by love.

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