Niamh The Brave And Beautiful

The other day, my daughter Niamh set off for Germany. Seeing that the thought of her being gone for such a long time had got me down, my old friend Dee Sharpe, the band’s guitarist, reminded me that music is the best therapy in times like this. So I sat down and wrote a song. By the time Dee returned from a beer run, it was finished and, after downing the first of the beers, he picked up his guitar and joined me as we recorded it for her. Then we opened two more beers and raised them to Niamh and her great adventure. Then we had a few more beers to wish her bon voyage. The next thing I remember is Dee’s granny handing me a nice cup of tea where I lay on her couch and telling me she knew just how I felt – not my pounding head but my breaking heart.

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