A song about loss and remembering those empty glasses and empty chairs in our lives. In the case, of my brother, the glass was pretty much always full and probably wasn’t a glass at all, but a can of Tennent’s Lager.

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This song would be best with each verse sung by a different person, probably none of them me, and everyone joining in on the chorus. But that’s not going to happen, at least for now, so it’s just me stumbling through it. Probably best sung and listened to, if at all, while fairly drunk.

The whole band did a great job on this, especially Beau Strokes with his fiddle solo.

You can also listen at SoundCloud.

2 thoughts on “Overflowing

  1. John, you found your way here! I’m impressed. I don’t think there’s much danger of anyone else ever singing it, to be honest LOL.
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Anyone reading this, check out http://www.evansandstokes.com/. You’ll see (and hear) why a thumbs up from these guys is pretty cool!

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