Something’s Eating Geoffrey

Click to listen. Allow a moment for the music to start.

Have you ever happened upon a bug caught in a spider’s web and felt so sorry for the poor little fellow that you just had to do something to help? I have. Then, of course, I feel sorry for the spider who was looking forward to a tasty meal. I guess I’m just one sorry human being.

The band’s guitarist Dee Sharpe and I spotted this little chap the other day in the garden of his granny’s house in Broughty Ferry and came to his rescue. If you’re wondering about the name Geoffrey, it’s our keyboard ace Gene Poole-Skimmings’ middle name. Gene bears more than a passing resemblance to a bug and sometimes, when he’s showing off how fast he can play, you’d swear he had six arms. He’s not popular with the other members of the band and, to be honest, if it had been Gene flapping about in a giant spider’s web, we might just have left him there.

Featuring Aldo Sax on the tenor sax.

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