We’re going to Nashville…

…or more accurately, I am. If the rest of the band finds out, they’re not going to be pleased that I’m going without them. I feel like I can tell you in confidence here, since nobody else ever actually reads these posts.

I’ll be recording with a six piece band at the studio of Larry Beaird. Larry’s a pretty big cheese around those parts. In fact he recorded 2016’s number 2 best selling country album in his studio and has recently finished recording some tracks for Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. So working with me will only be a relatively small step up in the music world for him.

“How did this come about?” I hear you splutter into your beer. Well, while you wipe that up, I’ll explain. The official story is that I won this in a drawing during a workshop Larry did for the Charlotte chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association. Between you and me, I’m pretty sure he arranged for all those wee bits of paper in the hat to have my name on them just so that he could add me to the list of megastars passing through his studio. Whatever the explanation, it leaves me with a quandary. Which of my grammy-worthy songs do I choose? Or is it still to be written?

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