In France

In France
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The past, they say, is a foreign country…

Our saxophonist, Aldo Sachs, like all Frenchmen is an accomplished accordion player and a gifted mime artist. We were able to include a wee bit of accordion in this one. At other points in the song, you might just be able to sense him miming energetically in a way that beautifully conveyed the bittersweet pathos of the song, but it doesn’t really come through clearly on the recording.

Opinions were mixed in the band regarding this song. Gene Poole-Skimmings does a pretty good job on the piano, but admitted afterwards that he had no idea what the song was about. Bassist Juan Tusrifor, on the other hand, clearly got it and spent most of the recording session quietly crying into his pisco sour. Just as well we didn’t need a bass part for this one. Finding his bass surplus to requirements, Juan used the time this freed up to put together this video. You might have to give it a moment or two to load.

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