The Mysterious Beings

The Greatest Band Imaginable

Imagine putting together an outstanding collection of musical talent drawn from all over the world to bring to life the music that has been swirling around inside your head for years. That’s what I did, armed only with a few songs and a dream that won’t die, although the general consensus is that it really should.
Scroll down to click on a song. Headphones or earbuds are recommended. However you listen, I’m confident you will join the growing band of music buffs who take the view that enough is enough.
But first meet the boys in the band, The Mysterious Beings…
Guitar: Dee Sharpe
Drums: Kit Bashir
Keyboards: Gene Poole-Skimmings
Saxophone: Aldo Sachs
Bass: Juan Tusrifor
Fiddle: Beau Strokes
They are a fascinating bunch. Check out their bios on the Meet the Band page.
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