The Ditty Bop Bar & Grill

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Live performances by the Mysterious Beings are a rare event – unless you happen to know where we like to hang out. One such place is The Ditty Bop Bar & Grill, where the band can often be heard rocking the joint with our friends. A little while ago, we happened to bump into one of those friends there, Alabama’s favorite son, JAPOV. That’s him in the picture. It was a great evening and after a few cold ones, inspired by the legendary warmth of the staff and clientele he slipped me a beer mat on which he had written a few words about our favorite watering hole. The boys and I liked it, so we added a few more words and some music and got up and performed it right there and then.

I’d love to tell you where the Ditty Bop is but all megastars need a place where they can relax without constantly being pestered by groupies and paparazzi. Besides, with Bubba splitting his time between the kitchen and the stage, more customers would mean me waiting longer for my wings.

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